Massage Therapy in Brampton

What is Massage Therapy?

Massage Therapist are registered healthcare professionals that are regulated by the College Of Massage Therapist Of Ontario. Massage therapist are highly qualified and well-trained individuals who use a wide range of hand on techniques to mobilize and manipulate the muscles, joints, tendons and ligaments of the body.

They aim to provide pain relief and assist in the recovery process of injured tissues and overused muscles in the body.

When should you see a massage therapist?

Massage Therapy has been shown to effectively manage and treat many musculoskeletal conditions. Below are some conditions that our massage therapists at Active Life Wellness Center can help treat:

However keep in mind that you do not need to be suffering from pain to see a massage therapist. Just like Chiropractic Care, it can help manage and improve overall health and well being. Other incredible benefits of Massage Therapy include:

  • Improves/increases blood circulation
  • Pain relief
  • Reduces muscle tension
  • Overall relaxation
  • Increases overall mobility and flexibility
  • Reduced stress
  • Decreases pain and inflammation
  • Reduces anxiety
  • A quicker recovery from injury or motor vehicle accidents
  • And much more!

What To Expect During Your First Massage Therapy Appointment:

Before any treatment begins, you will be required to fill out an initial intake form. This form will gather information such as general history, pain location, and consent for massage therapy treatment. Your massage therapist will then have a brief consultation with you. During this time, we can answer any questions you have and address any of your concerns. Once your massage starts, your practitioner will check in with you to ensure your pressure and comfort levels. They will also perform passive stretching within your pain limit to various areas of your body to help increase overall mobility and flexibility.

Why Choose our Registered Massage Therapists?

At Active Life Wellness Center, our Massage Therapists are highly qualified and well trained individuals who have been in the field for over a decade. With a wealth of knowledge, they have the expertise to tailor their techniques to address your concerns. They continue perfecting their craft offering the latest massage therapy techniques to patients with a wide range of needs. In addition, they continue to engage in ongoing courses to learn and further advance their skills.

Like our other healthcare professionals at Active Life Wellness Center, our Massage Therapists take their time to address and understand your areas of concerns. They will focus their treatment sessions on your areas of concern to provide you with immediate relief. Our massage therapists offer a wide range of myofascial release techniques – however, they will always ensure that you are comfortable, especially with the amount of pressure that they are applying.

With your preferred massage therapists on-site at Active Life Wellness Center, our team is always available to take care of you. You can book your appointment with one of our Registered Massage Therapists here.

Swedish massage

This form of massage promotes relaxation and improves circulation in the body by massaging the soft tissues with light strokes and helps to reduce muscle tension or pain caused by daily activities such as sitting on a desk.

Deep tissue massage

Deep tissue massages use firm and strong pressure to reach deep layers of muscles, fascia and tendons. It aims to release the chronic patterns of tension in the body. It helps to treat muscle pain and increases the range of motion.

Trigger point massage

This type of massage is a combination of both Swedish and deep tissue massage which focuses on releasing trigger points in the targeted muscles. A trigger point is a localized spasm or knot that can give rise to referred pain and tenderness somewhere else in the body. It can be utilized in a wide range of common conditions involving pain such as neck pain,upper back pain, sciatica, plantar fasciitis, low back pain, and frozen shoulder, postural strains.

Prenatal and postnatal massage

This is a safe form of massage that uses soft strokes to promote relaxation and reduce pain or tension in the muscles before or after pregnancy. It can also help the mothers feel more comfortable throughout their pregnancy and help them sleep better.


No. Though many of our chiropractic patients take advantage of our on-site massage, you do not have to be a current patient to schedule for a massage session.

You can give our office a call. Our friendly front desk staff will book you an appointment with a massage therapist of your choice. If you’re unsure as to who you’d like to book with, you can discuss who may be most appropriate for your case with a member of our team.

No. You can choose to undress to your comfort. Most people leave their underwear on for a massage. Know that you will be draped the entire time so that you don’t feel exposed. We understand the need for privacy and always respect you. If you don’t want to undress, we can provide you with a gown to wear during your massage.

No. No particular clothing is necessary to wear to your massage. You can come straight from work or your daily activities.

Yes. We have massage therapy rooms in our office. They’re clean, relaxing and comfortable, making it the perfect setting to start your healing.

Call us today and will book you in right away. In addition to our daytime hours, we are also open on Saturdays and have late evening hours available

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