Plantar Fasciitis Treatment Brampton

What is Plantar Fasciitis?

Plantar Fasciitis is a condition that occurs when there is an inflammation of the Plantar fascia band that is situated at the bottom on the bottom of your foot – from the calcaneus ( heel bone) to the head of the metatarsal bones (the bone between each toe). This band is a very thick connective tissue which plays a role in supporting the arch of the bottom of the foot. When you place your foot on the ground and place your full weight on it, the plantar fascia band is completely stretched out – and becomes un-stretched when no weight is placed on it.

What causes Plantar Fasciitis? What are the symptoms?

  • Early morning heel pain/stiffness
  • Pain/stiffness in the calf muscle
  • Pain in the heel/foot while taking the first few steps after waking up
  • Pain localized within the heel, mid-foot or rear-foot with prolong walking

How can Chiropractic and Physiotherapy treatment help those who have Plantar Fasciitis?

Plantar Fasciitis can easily and effectively be treated with physiotherapy and chiropractic treatment. On your first visit at Active Life Wellness Center, our Physiotherapist or Chiropractor will assess your movement in your lower extremities to identify the cause of your plantar fasciitis. Once that is determined, they will create a treatment plan addressing your needs and get you back on your feet pain and discomfort free.

Exercises to help with Plantar Fasciitis

Here are some general exercises for those who have plantar fasciitis. Please be advised that it is always best to speak with your chiropractor and or physiotherapist to determine which exercises are most suitable for you.

Caution: Please avoid performing any exercise that cause pain

Toe Curls

  • Start by sitting on chair with good posture. Take a small towel and place it flat on the floor.
  • Place your foot flat on the towel. Try to grab the towel by curling your toes. Hold the towel in your toes for a one to two seconds and let go. Continue to preform the motion of curling your toes and letting go for 15 seconds
  • Fun Tip: you can also do this exercise by using marbles!

Calf Stretch

  • Stand close to wall placing one foot in front of the other keeping the knee in front slightly bent.
  • Place both hands straight up against the wall
  • Bring your hips forward towards the direction of the wall while keeping the back leg straight and heel flat on the floor. Keep your back straight. A gentle stretch should be felt on your calf muscle.
    • Hold: 30 seconds
    • Preform: 2-3 times on each side

Things you can do to prevent getting plantar fasciitis:

  • Wear supportive footwear/proper orthotics
  • Do not walk bear-foot
  • Walking for a prolong period of time when you are in pain
  • Avoid prolong walking, standing and/or running on hard surfaces
  • Avoid lifting heavy and squatting while exercising

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