How Can a Chiropractor Help With a Herniated Disc?

By Dr. Ravin Sodhi, D.C.

PUBLISHED ON February 6, 2024

Your spinal column consists of donut- or hamburger-like shock absorbers that contain a jelly-like substance in the middle. A herniated disc occurs when one of these cushion-like discs ruptures. This ruptured disc then bulges outward and puts pressure on nerves in its immediate vicinity, causing you immense pain. Some individuals may “tough out” disc herniation and recover over time, while others may get hooked on prescription painkillers or quit work.

Thankfully, there’s another option. At Active Life Wellness Center, we use chiropractic care to treat disc herniation. How can a chiropractor help with a herniated disc?

Common Chiropractic Treatments for a Herniated Disc

Chiropractors in Brampton treat the disc problem through a variety of approaches. The treatment options include the following.

Spinal Decompression Therapy

During spinal decompression therapy, a chiropractor will use a motorized table or something similar to stretch out your spine and thus take the pressure off of the slipped disc.

Cold Laser Therapy

Chiropractors treat herniated discs with this therapy by using special lasers to alleviate pain and inflammation at the site of the disc herniation.

Pelvic Blocking Technique

How can a chiropractor help with a herniated disc using this technique? While on the table, the chiropractor will slide some cushioned wedges under your pelvic area in order to tackle the injury effectively.

It works because the technique can alter your posture and, in return, ease the strain on your spinal discs.

Flexion-Distraction Technique

The chiropractor will use specific hand techniques to pull and manipulate the injured area gently. You have to lie down on a segmented table for the treatment. The affected disc will move back into position naturally following the manipulation.

The Benefits of Chiropractic Care for Herniated Disc

Here, we take a look at a few benefits of opting for chiropractic care for herniated discs:

  • Alternative to drug-related treatment: Chiropractic care is an excellent approach if you don’t want to carry painkillers everywhere you go.
  • Marked improvement in mobility. People with herniated discs simply can’t maneuver as easily as before. Chiropractic care improves your range of motion, allowing you to get back to how active you used to be.
  • Reduction in inflammation. Inflamed discs can open you up to a whole new level of pain. Chiropractic care can eliminate that pain and inflammation. This is why many people toss their painkillers when they start chiropractic care.
  • No need for surgery. When painkillers are no longer cutting it, most people living with disc herniation think surgery is the only other option. This simply isn’t true. Chiropractic care offers a non-intrusive alternative to surgery.

Get Lasting Treatment for Disc Herniation

If you’re living with disc herniation, then you know how miserable it can be. Chiropractic adjustments can change your life by healing the affected disc and alleviating your pain.

At ALWC, we have years of experience and success in providing chiropractic care for disc herniation.

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