A Brampton Chiropractor’s Guide To Cure Your Sciatica


By Dr. Ravin Sodhi, D.C.

PUBLISHED ON August 29, 2021

Does your lower back hurt? Are your movements restricted due to excruciating pain, and do you wonder how often you need to refill your pillbox? If yes, then I will demand your undivided attention till the end. Let’s talk about how to mitigate that debilitating pain without messing your system with unnumbered prescription meds and their complicated chemical compounds.

What Is Sciatica?

Contrary to popular misconception, not every lower back pain, no matter how paralyzing it may feel, is sciatic pain. The sciatic nerve that stretches through the back of both of your legs starts from your lower back and crosses the buttock muscles. The sciatic nerve helps you with sensation to not just the legs but also the soles. The pain associated with this very specific, overused, and mismanaged nerve is precisely sciatic pain.

What Causes Sciatic Pain?

The most targeted populace to suffer from sciatic pain is usually between the age of 30-50, primarily because of our modern lifestyle that includes prolonged sitting in front of a device. However, several other common causes of sciatic pain include sneezing, coughing, physical activity like lifting weights without proper techniques, or any sudden movement.

What Are The Symptoms Of Sciatica?

In sciatic pain, the symptom does not stop at back pain due to our very complex and intertwined nervous system. It very well includes numbness, dull aches, tingling, and sometimes inflammation sensation. The distinctive feature of sciatic pain is that it is felt mostly on one side of your body.

Why Chiropractor Over Medicine For Sciatica?

Though curing any medical condition has a very clear goal to end the suffering at the earliest and provide you with comfort, it is very important we follow a practical process that does not just work on the symptoms but also on the root cause of the problem. More often than not, the modern medicine you have been taking will only mask the symptoms, leaving the root cause to sprout any time in the future. A chiropractor in Brampton will make all the difference here.

How Chiropractors Will Lead You To Cure?

Sciatica is an issue that may not be cured completely, but a chiropractor will make sure you are at least at risk while performing all of your daily routines through a drug-free, non-invasive procedure. Something as sensitive and irreplaceable as your spine needs the least possible toxicity (read muscle relaxants and pain relief meds!), and keeping your inside clean while making some small yet impactful changes in your daily life holds the key to this cure.

A chiropractor will guide you to maintain the right posture, will educate you on ways to avoid prolonged sitting without hindering your relationship with your device, and will help you maintain a healthy weight with a positive attitude. To add to the mitigation process, they often advise you to exercise regularly, but if this includes you lifting weights improperly, then stop and focus again. A chiropractor will not hamper your craze for weight lifting but will help you with the right technique.

With fewer chemicals on your system and the right places tapped, you will spring back to life, and a Brampton chiropractor will keep the wheels moving ever smoothly!

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