6 Tips for Staying Active This Winter


By Dr. Ravin Sodhi, D.C.

PUBLISHED ON December 25, 2020

With people spending more time at home, it can seem rather difficult to stay active this winter. It can be very tempting to curl up in front of the fireplace and wait for spring to arrive. However, if you decide to do that, you may notice you put on some extra weight, lose muscle mass, and could potentially increase your risks of muscle strains, sprains, backaches, and more.

Being active in winter is very easy to do. Most people do not even think about all the things they can do indoors at this time of year. Instead of waiting for spring to arrive, start your spring cleaning now. Cleaning is a great way to move around, get some exercise, and tidy up the house.

Aside from cleaning, other great ways to remain active this winter include:

#1: Walk up and down the stairs in your home. If you have stairs, spend about 30 minutes walking up and down them. This is a great exercise that helps strengthen the legs and lower back. If you live in an apartment or condo, you can walk up and down the stairs between the floors instead.

#2: Do stretching exercises while watching TV or listening to music. Stretching is another active exercise you should be doing several times a week. The goal of stretching is to simply stretch the muscles, tendons, and connective soft tissues to keep them from tightening up. An alternative to stretching exercises is Yoga and the various poses.

#3: Do simple exercises you can learn from a physiotherapist. Your physiotherapist in Brampton can teach you simple exercises you can do every day or every other day at home. Some great ones you should try are leg lifts, arm lifts, push-ups, and burpees. Just remember to check with your physiotherapist or healthcare provider beforehand to select exercises appropriate for you.

#4: Go for a walk outdoors to get fresh air. It can be cold outdoors, but that doesn’t mean you should stay inside. A short, brisk walk for about 15 minutes is a great way to exercise and get out of the house. Just remember to practice social distancing.

#5: Invest in an adjustable height desk. If you are working from home, you want to make sure to take a break from sitting all the time. With an adjustable height desk, you can raise it up, so you can stand up, stretch your legs, and move around while still working. There are also specific exercises your physiotherapist can teach you to do while sitting.

#6: Take a break from binge-watching every 60 minutes. For every hour you sit binge-watching programs, get up, walk around, and do something active while disconnected from electronic devices for at least 10 minutes.

By using these great tips, you can remain active and avoid becoming too sedentary this winter. For more great tips, exercises, and addressing body aches and pains, please feel free to contact Active Life Wellness Center in Brampton at (905) 458-6677to schedule an appointment with one of our physiotherapists today!

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