3 Major Reasons Your Back Hurts Often


By Dr. Ravin Sodhi, D.C.

PUBLISHED ON December 15, 2021

Anyone suffering from chronic back pain can agree that sometimes these pains are incredibly debilitating. There are many reasons people experience back pain, and often it can be medically or lifestyle-related. Either way, we’re looking at why you’re dealing with back pain and possible tips to alleviate it.

Categories that affect back pain

Injuries through accidents or sports

Injuries occur all the time, sometimes due to a motor vehicle collision, and other times sports-related injuries. Back pain can go away over time, but sometimes it may worsen during certain seasons. For example, colder weather = more back pain.

Accidents may include sprains, accidental falls, and fractures. These injuries can cause spasms in which the muscles and tendons become tense. Accidental or sport back injuries also cause fractures to the spinal vertebra and sprains to supportive tissue and tendons.

Lifestyle back pain issues

Let’s face it; specific jobs are brutal on our backs. For example, you are working a nine-five in front of the desk for most of your day. There’s a degree of strain exerted on your back, especially the lower back, pelvis, hips and legs.

Many folks who sit for long periods will notice their lower back muscles tightening and becoming sore. If you sit for a long time, it irritates your lower back (lumbar) muscles and catches your hips and sciatica nerve that runs down the back of your thigh.

Still, it’s not just desk work that causes chronic back pain. If you’re required to lift heavy objects frequently, or perhaps you’re overweight, your back will take a toll.

Insufficient exercise can also lead to injuries because the muscles are not supple, flexible and strong. Having poor posture is another problem that many back problem sufferers are familiar with. While high heels may seem appealing and stylish, they will hurt your back the higher they are and the longer you wear them.

Spinal issues

Spinal conditions may occur over time through wear and tear of the tissue and sometimes due to an injury or disease.

Degenerative – disc disease takes its toll because the soft tissue cushioning the spinal discs are worn, causing raw scraping of bone. This happens with time and is common amongst seniors.

Spinal stenosis – The spinal canal shrinks thinner and causes immense pressure on the spine.

Other spinal conditions that cause back pain also include bulging discs, spondylolistheses, and inflammation of the sacroiliac joint.

Tips to fix back problems

  • See your chiropractor on a regular basis to keep your spine in proper alignment and nervous system functioning right
  • Stretch more – Stretching is a form of exercise that allows the body to release tension and build up knots.
  • Move more – Moving more frequently will help release tension in your back. While it may sound counter-intuitive, moving helps. Taking walks is an excellent idea to help warm up those muscles.
  • Take breaks – taking breaks between long sitting can also help reduce tension and back pain. You give your back a chance to move and not stay in one position the whole time.
  • Good posture is essential – Practicing good posture when sitting, standing and moving will help reduce the pressure exerted on the back.

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